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September 2013
Please join us for a very special concert which will be on Saturday September 14th at 12:30pm at the Purchase Performing Art Center. We will be playing new arrangements of traditional melodies from the world of Jewish prayer and Sepharadic culture, as well as some new original materials.
This concert is free and open to the public so we hope you take advantage of that! Thanks, Koby, Dave Phillips & Yousif Sheronick

December, 2012
We had a blast performing on the Warner Library, and we are about to record this project of Sephardic Jewish prayers, and songs from the world to an album, please stay tuned.
Bridgit Robbins (flute, Ney), Dan Asher (Bass), Yousif Sheronick (percussion), Koby Hayon (guitars, Oud).

November, 2012
Saturday, December 9, 2012 - A new band, featuring Dan Asher on Bass, and Yousif Sheronick on Percussion, will be playing in Warner Library, Tarrytown, NY.
The band will play new original materials, as well as traditional melodies from the world of Jewish prayer and Sepharadic culture

Please listen to Koby Hayon Trio and Trio Shalva special on Reshet Gimet on September 4th, at 23:00 (Tel-Aviv time)

New trio album "Gemini" is now on sale

Please visit the listen/buy cd page to listen to samples.

New trio Shalva "Riding Alone" is now on sale

Go to www.trioshalva.com to read reviews and listen to samples

Please visit the listen/buy cd to listen to samples.

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New release "Gemini" recent reviews:
  • After listening to the Koby Hayron Trio album titled "Gemini", I have been transported to another place. Koby is a World Class artist and this record is full of haunting melodies, beautiful compositions and stellar playing by all three. The record is simply stunning. Much like the affect that Pat Metheney's "Bright Size Life" had on me. Koby plays with extreme command over the guitar and maintains a sense of timing, melody and improv skills which few possess. I cannot say enough about this fine record. It creates moods and paints pictures in your mind.
    Steve Snider, Carmel Magazine

  • Hayon's Hebraic heritage presents itself most prominently on "Ask Me Again," a quirky vehicle in five that benefits from some impressive soloing on Hayon's part, and "Gemini," which settles in over Driscoll's catchy bass line. "Vertigo" is dressed in musical ambivalence, but Hayon hints at something darker on several pieces, like "What No One Can See" and the slow moving "Crumbs."
    Dan Bilawsky www.allaboutjazz.com

  • Hayon has developed his own sound that shows knowledge of past masters while developing his own voice on both electric and acoustic guitars. The music on this album is played at a consistently high level, and is warmly recommended to fans of modern mainstream jazz guitar.

  • Hayon and his trio deliver a set of jittery but-appealing jazz stew. His playing is never cliched and his compositions show he has his foot in different musical forms. It all comes out tasty and new as you wind your way through.
    Vintage Guitar

  • Jerusalem-born guitarist Koby Hayon is a remarkable artist whose music is an aural manifestation of what he feels. In this production-obsessed age of the tail wagging the dog - musicians and producers who seem more interested in the technique of how music is played and packaged than in the emotional honesty of what is played - it's a pleasant change to hear one whose music is unfiltered by a superficial scrim of gratuitous tricks.